Tunnel Rush

Tunnel Rush

Let's join the thrilling adventures in Tunnel Rush, go through colorful kaleidoscopes in this amazing high-speed game, and now it's time to shine! This game has a simple but stimulating gameplay. You have to overcome all the challenges of Tunnel Rush. Try to move as far as possible along an ever-changing tunnel at breakneck speed, with constantly oncoming hazards and obstacles! Break down barriers with your dexterity and a keyboard! In this game, the tunnel will continuously roll forward, and there will be unknown obstacles appearing in front of you. You need to control yourself to go through the tunnel safely by avoiding the shapes. Be very cautious in your decisions! Because, regardless of how far you have passed in a level, once you crash, you'll have to restart at the beginning of that level!

Go on thrilling adventures through a colorful, swirling kaleidoscope in Tunnel Rush, an amazing ultimate 3D running game. Tunnel Rush, an attractive game from British studio Deer Cat Games, is being loved by many players. This high-speed game brings y’all an epic experience with an extremely beautiful graphic design and top-notch sound. You will slide and roll along the bright and attractive colored maze. Sometimes it will be monochromatic and rather boring, and other times it will dazzle you with the mesmerizing multicolored spectacle of all the shades of the rainbow. Despite its alluring beauty, Tunnel Rush is fraught with many dangers. Besides, 2-player mode allows you to challenge your friends to join a race where only the last survivor is the winner. Now let's take on the challenge! Want to test your reaction speed? Play Tunnel Rush for free online now and show your skills. How far can you go? Can you handle the pace?


  • Colorful endless tunnels and caves
  • Hundreds of challenging levels to conquer.
  • Quick loading speed
  • 3 levels of difficulty to choose: Easy, Medium, Hard
  • 2 game modes: Classic and 2-player mode
  • Simple and intuitive interface.
  • Beautiful neon colors and upbeat music.
  • First-person tunnel running

Tips and Tricks

  • You have to try to anticipate the dangers and prepare for them in advance. Make sure you're going the right way.
  • Some of the barriers in Tunnel Rush will rotate, so make sure you're sliding before they come.
  • Tunnel Rush has a simple gameplay that involves speeding through tunnels while dodging obstacles along the way. It looks fast, but you always have time to dodge each obstacle or hazard. 
  • There are three levels of difficulty. At the beginning, you should start at an easy degree to practice your skills and reflexes.
  • You can pause or restart whenever you want. So, if the tunnel is slipping and rolling so fast that it scares you, take a quick pause to preview the shape and position of the obstacle in front of you. This action will help you prepare for the next challenge.

How To Play

  • Move left and right with the arrow keys/A and D.
  • Pause or restart with the spacebar key.

Game Modes

Classic Mode

In this mode, players will explore many levels, from easy to difficult. Higher levels will contain more obstacles and hazards.

2-Players Mode

The 2-player mode allows you and your friends to participate in an unlimited number of races. The person who survives the longest in the tunnel becomes the winner.

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